Assembly Goals

General Goals
1- Support the development process in Palestine through a series of activities designed and integrated.
2-The availability of information and research base and proceed with the launching of quality research and development based on the needs of Palestinian society.
3-Preparation and development of staff training and human development through the implementation of community-based projects aimed at building capacity and skills of the targeted community groups to activate their participation in the development process in the Palestinian society
4-Promoting self-reliance and work on the optimal use of natural resources and human.
5-Establish the principle of organic agriculture and combating the use of chemicals.
6-Revitalization and support the role of NGOs especially in the preparation of the cadres with the effectiveness and efficiency and the use of Arabic and international experiences and adopting modern technology in the exploitation of resources in various areas of management.
7-Contribute to the achievement of food security for the Palestinian community
8-Ensure the continuity of work in the areas of support for Palestinian development process overall.
9-Raise awareness of environmental product development and harmony between development and environment.
10-Strengthening the role of women in the development process through the development of capabilities.
11-Contribute to building civil society through the establishment of the starter democracy and good governance.

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